Unit V Power Point Presentation

Consider that you are a practicing psychologist, and the president of your state high school athletic association contacted you about presenting at their state convention. Specifically, the association president wants coaches in the area to be more familiar with the psychology of motor skills training. She has asked that you prepare a presentation for coaches attending the state convention.

Create a PowerPoint presentation about the memory processes that addresses the areas listed below.

  • Define short-term and long-term memory.
  • Explain how the encoding process takes place.
  • Explain how the storage process takes place.
  • Explain how the retrieval process takes place.
  • Identify issues that hinder the retrieval process.
  • Explain motor skills.
  • Provide one example of learning a motor skill, utilizing all three memory processes.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of seven slides in length, not counting the title slide and references slide. You must use two additional resource. Adhere to APA Style. Be sure to utilize speaker notes.

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