Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment


You will begin by determining the grade level, core subject, and state standard (Virginia Standards of Learning- SOL) you would like to build upon throughout this course. You will also choose a Character Principle and a Theme to connect the ideas and increase student engagement. This Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment is the foundation for future assignments. You are starting with this initial plan and then will work on different components until you complete the course with a full unit of study.


This information will provide the basic structure that you will apply to each subsequent stage of this project. Utilize the Unit Plan: Foundation Template to complete this assignment. Carefully read the Unit Plan: Foundation Grading Rubric for the assignment and review the Unit Plan: Foundation Sample.

The following information should be included in your Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment submission.

  • Unit theme
    • The theme should be what connects the subject and the character principle. It should not be a description of the subject or topic.
  • Character principle
    • Choose one from the list of Character Principles for Lesson Plans provided with this assignment.
    • Include the related scripture.
    • The character principle should help connect the theme and topic of your SOL.
  • Grade level for your proposed class (only choose one)
  • Core Subject
    • Choose one core subject area: reading, math, science, or history.
    • Physical Education or Health topics should only be used for candidates who are seeking certification in Health and Physical Education.
  • Primary SOL (Virginia Standard of Learning) for subject
    • Choose an SOL that matches your chosen grade level. Include the standard number, stem description, and any enabling objectives.
    • You may access the Department of Education website to locate a Virginia SOL (see the link provided in the Resources section of this assignment).
    • If you live outside of Virginia and prefer to use one of your state standards, this is permissible. You will need to include the standard number, stem description, and any enabling objectives.

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