Unit Plan: Differentiated Assignment


Traditional teacher instruction is presented to students on a singular level. The reality in most classrooms is that students come into the classroom with varied needs and existing levels. Teachers who differentiate instruction look at the unique needs of each student. They find ways to vary the instruction so that it is accessible for all students. This Unit Plan: Differentiated Assignment will guide you in taking your Unit Plan: Lesson Plan Assignment and exploring ways to differentiate for the unique needs within your described class.


Add a plan for differentiation to the Unit Plan: Lesson Plan Assignment in the previous week. Utilize the Unit Plan: Differentiated Template to complete the following:

  • Lesson Preparation Details
    • Complete the first portion of the template with the details from your Unit Plan: Lesson Plan Assignment, for which you are building a plan for differentiation within the remainder of this Unit Plan: Differentiated Assignment.
  • Class Diversity Description
    • When creating your Class Description/Diversity, ensure that the class (grade level, type of school, number of students, disability categories, placement, and any other relevant data) is clearly described. It should also include a description of the characteristics of the varying abilities and disabilities. The description of the class should have a student who is ESL as well as a student with a specific disability.
  • Plan for Differentiation
    • Next, describe how to differentiate your lesson plan to meet the learning needs of the students described in the Diversity portion. Incorporate specific differentiated methods within the teaching of the concept as well as the practice of it.

Please review the Unit Plan: Differentiated Grading Rubric and the Unit Plan: Differentiated Sample.

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