Treatment of Depression

47 old African American male truck driver. presented to the clinic for treatment for depression. He reports that he is depressed because his wife moved to Ohio with children after she found out he had multiple affairs during the marriage. Pt is s/p two strokes and is reported to have “changed” after his CVAs and has become “mean”. His family, wife, and children have moved out of the family home, and now reside in Ohio and the patient has feelings of quilt, although he is content in his current extra-marital relationship. He has been prescribed Xanax 2mg, and takes daily for sleep and anxiety, after he gets off of his night shift. He is also on BP and cholesterol medication. Pt feels as though “something is wrong with him and presents to clinic for resolution. The Psychiatrist suggests that he wean off the of the Xanax and has prescribed Trazadone for sleep. Therapy is strongly encouraged, although the patient didn’t feel as though he needed therapy in the past.

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