Traumas among Males in Prison

Imprisonment is an extremely tough experience that is associated with a vast array of challenges inmates face as they try to adjust to the new environment and people. Incarcerated women are always treated with the upmost priority when it comes to treating trauma. However males should be treated the same when it is concerning their trauma, while some of these challenges are conditioned by the need to implement abrupt changes to their lifestyles, many issues such people face become ultimately traumatic when they were an toddler, adolescent, and adult. Researchers state that there is a number of potentially traumatic events (PTEs) males can experience in prison (Piper and Berle, 2019), which make their trauma even worst, if not treated. One of the most crucial reasons why inmates suffer from traumas refers to the fact that they often witness violence in prison. Even if they are not subjected to certain punishment themselves, they feel utterly distressed when watching their peers being verbally or physically abused.
However, many people who enter the penitentiary system become the direct victims of physical and even sexual assault by other inmates. What is more, they can be attacked by prison guards, who often enjoy impunity. Indeed, the instances of sexual violence committed by prison guards represent a factor that is often disregarded and neglected by persons of authority. What is more, they can inflict severe physical pain on the inmates as well, striving to elicit a confession or any other information from the criminals.
Another essential reason that has to be considered as a crucial contributor to trauma in male inmates refers to solitary confinement (Piper and Berle, 2019). Even though this type of punishment does not imply any physical harm to individuals, it makes them suffer psychologically, leading to depression, PTSD, and even suicidal ideations. Therefore, it is imperative to take into account this kind of psychological torture as well.
Finally, health-related challenges, which occurred because of medical neglect, should be regarded as one more reason for traumas experienced by the inmates. When serving their time, they might be rarely examined by the doctors. As a result, male prisoners often become the victims of delayed care.

Piper, A., & Berle, D. (2019). The association between trauma experienced during incarceration and PTSD outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 30(5), 854-875.

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