Transcultural Nursing Knowledge and Practice

Welcome to Week 3

Now that you are aware of the diversity in your surroundings, this week and the remainder of the course will take a deeper dive into cultural diversity and its importance in healthcare.

As stated by Purnell (2013),

“Cultural competence has become one of the most important initiatives in health care in the United States and throughout most of the world. Diversity has increased in many countries due to wars, discrimination, political strife, worldwide socioeconomic conditions, and the creation of the European Union. Some of the diversity is driven by actual numbers of immigrants, but other dimensions come from the visibility of the “new ethnics” and the waning of the social ideology of the “melting pot” (O’Neil, 2008). Instead of the term melting pot , meaning everyone is expected to blend, many believe the term salad bowl is more appropriate because people can stand out and be seen as individual. Health ideology and health-care providers have learned that it is just as important to understand the patient’s culture as it is to understand the physiological responses in illness, disease, and injury. The health-care provider may be very knowledgeable about laboratory values and standard treatments and interventions for diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and asthma, but if the recommendations are not compatible with the patient’s own health beliefs, dietary practices, and views toward wellness, the treatment plan is less likely to be followed (Giger et al., 2007)” ( Purnell, 2013, p3).

Purnell, L. D. (2013) Transcultural Diversity and Health Care. In L. D. Purnell Transcultural Health Care: A culturally competent approach (4th ed.). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company.


After reading the chapters in the McFarland’ text and viewing the videos, choose one of the following questions [from the text] to discuss in detail. Include at least one article to represent your thoughts. (state the question at the start of your post)

  1. Discuss why transcultural nursing knowledge and practices are important in the provision of health care.
  2. Describe at least three areas where transcultural theory/knowledge can be applied in nursing practice.
  3. Discuss the relationships between the concepts of stereotype; bias; prejudice; racism; and discrimination.


Madeleine Leininger Interview Part 1

 Madeleine Leininger Interview Part 2


McFarland, M. R. and Wehbe-Alamah, H. B. (2018). Leininger’s Transcultural Nursing: Concepts, Theories, Research & Practice (4th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill Education ISBN: 978-0-07-184113-9  CH 1 AND 2

References (not older than 5 years) with corresponding in text citations using APA format 7th edition

Choose one of the following cultural groups that you will utilize for the Week 7 Assignment (not due at this time).

AfghansAlaska NativesArab
East Indian HinduEgyptianFilipino
PolishPuerto RicanRussian

When choosing a cultural group, consider that for the Week 7 Assignment you will be:

Creating a 10-15-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation that includes:

  • Overview of the culture (history, geography, language, religious beliefs)
  • Educational status and occupations
  • Family roles and organization-head of household and gender roles, and prescriptive, restrictive and taboo behaviors for children and adolescents
  • Family goals and priorities
  • Nutrition-common foods, any rituals, any special meaning that food has, dietary practices for health promotion, nutritional deficiencies
  • Birth and Death rituals
  • Spirituality
  • Health care practices, beliefs and behaviors, and folk and traditional practices, barriers to health care, blood transfusions and organ donation, Health care providers
  • Disease and health conditions-any variations in drug metabolism, high risk behaviors
  • Summary of culture that includes how as a nurse you would approach this culture if caring for a patient from the culture.
  • At least 5 References
  • *12 slide maximum (not including title and reference slides)

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