Traditional Methods and Technology-based Training to Develop Employees

This assignment is based on your reading of Chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the Employee Training and Development textbook (Noe, 2020). Answer all three questions.

  1. You’ve learned about the different traditional training methods in Chapter 7. Based on your experience teaching someone (e.g. to ride a bike, or teaching a child to read, or demonstrating to someone how to fix something, or teaching a new employee), reflect on the method that you used (was it effective and efficient? Why or why not?), and explain if you would have done it using a different method.
  2. With reference to the chapter on Technology-Based Training Methods (Chapter 8, Noe, 2017), how would you develop an effective online learning program for a company What are some important considerations?
  3. What is your experience with the assessment tools that are mentioned by Noe (Chapter 9), and what are your thoughts about it? If you have not experienced any of the assessment tools, provide your analysis on at least two of the assessment tools covered in Chapter 9 (think of what challenges there might be, and how might a company use the assessment results).

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