Therapeutic Relationship

Field Education Journal
Basic Interpersonal Skills in a Therapeutic Relationship
Respond to the following in your journal for Week 3. Journal entries must total 350 to 700 words.

  1. How do social workers use verbal and nonverbal listening skills? Provide at least 1 example of how you have used each.
  2. Reflect on your personal experience during the third week at your agency. What positive and negative experiences did you have? As social workers, how does our understanding of human behavior influence the efficacy of our communication? What communication strategies have you used effectively to show cultural sensitivity at your placement site?

Brief of what I did this week at my workplace.
I was placed in a new department working with the Juvenile justice program. I went to court to see how the court system works for the kids. Also, they have a school placement called” Challenge,” where kids go if they have bad behavior in regular school. After doing whatever number of days, they return to their original school. The positive take is that I’m learning new things. Another positive is seeing a client making a change for the better. The negative experience is seeing how these kids are and how the parents allow it to happen.

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