The Role of the DNP-prepared Nurse

Purpose – Nursing leaders acknowledge the relationship between strong mentorship and retention of nursing staff. Mentorship programs are valuable in supporting the transition to practice for the novice nurse. The purpose of this assignment is to appraise the role of the DNP-prepared nurse in promoting a culture of mentoring within today’s complex healthcare system environment.

Instructions– For this assignment, create a PowerPoint Presentation in which you examine the role of the DNP-prepared nurse as a mentor.

The presentation should include the following components:

  1. Title slide (Include the same information as on a title page of a paper—1 slide): (40 pts)
    1. Title of assignment
    1. Student name
    1. Chamberlain University College of Nursing
    1. Course number and course name
    1. Session month and year
  2. Content slides
    1. Objective and definition (4 slides) (60 pts)
      1. State the objectives of the presentation (what you want staff to learn as a result of viewing the presentation).
      1. Define the concept of mentorship.
      1. Examine the influence of mentoring on nurse retention, nurse satisfaction, and professional development.
    1. Impact, benefits, and rationale (5 slides) (60 pts)
      1. Evaluate the benefits of mentoring to the mentee, mentor, and the organization.
      1. Defend why mentoring is crucial in today’s complex healthcare systems.
  3. Conclusion (1 slide) (40 pts)
    1. Includes a summary of the value of mentoring relationships.
    1. Includes a summary of why mentoring can be effective in today’s complex healthcare environment.
  4. References slide(s) (minimum of 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources) (20 pts)
    1. Create a separate reference slide(s).
    1. References and citations must be in correct APA format and quotations must be annotated correctly. Ensure each reference has a matching citation.
    1. Support your position by using evidence from at least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed journal sources (preferably research or systematic reviews) that are retrieved from the Chamberlain library databases. Do not use textbooks, government sources, or organizational websites for the three sources in this assignment.
  5. Speaker notes are developed for each slide. The speaker notes must contain the script of the presentation you would give if you were speaking to an audience. Speaker notes must include the following: (40 pts)
    1. Complete sentences
    1. Elaboration for further depth of the slide content
    1. References when necessary

Presentation Requirements (40 pts)

  • Length: minimum 10 slides, not including title slide or references slide(s)
  • Concise slides with limited bullet points and text:
    • Use of bullets rather than paragraphs to divide content
    • No more than 5-6 bullet points per slide
    • No more than 5-6 words per bullet
    • Use of appropriate graphics or images
    • No excessive white space
  • Consistent color schemes and font style and size on each slide
    • Generally, 25-30 font size—Font size may be adjusted, especially in the references slide(s).
    • No distracting colors or font styles (e.g., neon colors or italic script font) that make viewing difficult/unclear
  • In-text citations for the following:
    • Any quote, paraphrase, image, graph, table, or data used on the slides.
    • Any source that is cited in the speaker notes.
  • Headings on each slide
  • Standard English usage and mechanics
  • Organized presentation of concepts

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