The Role of a Nurse Practitioner and a Clinical Nurse Specialist

The paper should adhere to APA 7 format, use correct grammar, and writing style. There MUST be a coherent flow of ideas and information.

Use the two attached journals ONLY as a reference, no external references. Kindly find the attached discussions as your basis to which this paper will respond to. This essay is replying to the discussion post and the associated journal will be used to add value to the discussion. You must include the perspective of the article you are citing.  You will be expected to produce scholarly-level work which means you utilize the evidence from the literature and rely on facts or expert opinions rather than personal experience and opinions.  In these discussions, you are not prohibited from discussing personal experience, but the main substance should be based on readings.  

  • Submit a 2-page paper excluding title and references regarding these two sub-titles;
  • Discussion Paper – Differences and Similarities in the Role of a Nurse Practitioner and a Clinical Nurse Specialist/ associated journal Comparing and contrasting the clinical nurse specialist and the advanced nurse practitioner roles
  • What additional knowledge, skills, and attitudes does a DNP education offer beyond what is offered in an MSN nurse practitioner program? / associated journal Practice environment, independence, and roles among DNP- and MSN-prepared primary care nurse practitioners


  • Reply adds to the discussion of the question
  • Reply is substantive
  • Reply is thorough but succinct
  • The Journal article is meaningfully cited
  • Logical flow to discussion

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