The Food Industry, Obesity, and the Creation of a Health Crisis

Assignment Content

For this assignment, you will write a short reaction essay to the documentary Feeding Frenzy: The Food Industry, Obesity, and the Creation of a Health Crisis (2013). Reaction essays are writing assessments that allow students to think critically and carefully assess their own thoughts, ideas, and feelings in relation to informational sources. In addition, reaction writing also prepares students to engage more thoughtfully with their research sources.

Before you begin this assignment, please be sure to have reviewed the Writing a Reaction or Response Essay resource from the module learning activities.

Moreover, in alignment with the course theme, this short reaction essay will encourage you to reflect upon your thoughts, ideas, and feelings regarding the food industry.

To begin, download the MLA Template and save it to your computer.

Use the template to build your essay. Then, follow the reaction essay structure outlined below:

o In your introduction, include the title of the film, the year of its release, the name of its producer(s), and your thesis (the main point of your essay).

o In the first body paragraph, summarize briefly the content of the documentary. In the subsequent body paragraph(s), analyze and evaluate your experience of watching the film. You may choose to respond to the following questions:
o What was your reaction to the documentary? Describe any thoughts, feelings or emotions that you may have experienced while watching the film.
o Did the film hold your interest? Why or why not?
o Did the film bother or annoy you? Why or why not?
o What did you learn from watching the film?
o What did you agree/disagree with?
o What perspective/perceptions of the topic did you have before watching the film? Did the presentation of the topic confirm or challenge your perspective/perceptions? Describe the information that impacted you, and how your perspective/perceptions changed.
o What would you ask, or tell, the producer(s) of the movie if you could?

Your essay should be 2.5-3 pages long, double spaced, typed, in basic MLA format. However, you do not have to include a works cited page.

Please save your assignment as a Word document (.docx) and attach it in the assignment submission area by the listed due date. Name the file as LastnameM4, where “Lastname” is your last name (i.e. JohnsonM4.docx).

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