The Enlightenment and the Romantic Movement

Essay Question: The Enlightenment and the Romantic Movement in most ways can be seen as in opposition to each other. Nonetheless, they have both had a huge influence in modern western civilization. Which one do you think has had the most positive influence in the modern world (meaning from the 18th century to the present). 

There is one essay assignment for the summer . The essay is to be double-spaced, and at least 3 pages in length. (font size 10 or 12, New Times Roman font only). It is worth 45 points. The essay prompt found by clicking on the assignment itself required you to take a position on a historical question and provide reasons for your answer to the question. I have made it very straightforward by not requiring a thesis statement, introduction, or conclusion, and have instead formatted it for you as you can see below. The assignment is further simplified by the question giving you more or less and “either/or” question, as is also seen below in the 3 actual questions/prompts themselves.

Format (See essay template in link above) – Your essay must answer the question with one of two possible words after the word “Answer:”  “Enlightenment” OR “Romanticism”, presented as the title of the essay underlined and in bold print. 

No specific style/format guide (MLA, Chicago, etc.) is necessary, nor is a title page or bibliography. Any quotations can be taken from our text and PowerPoint slides.

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