The Department of Homeland Security in Stojkovic

Reviewing a case study has two parts. The first part is the analysis of the case where you assess what is going on and why. The second will be applying the understanding you have gained in answering a short analytical question.

Read the case listed below. The goal of analyzing case studies is to understand the context and conflict presented.

Unit 1: The Department of Homeland Security in Stojkovic, Chapter 1

Part I:

As you read, in 300- 500 words answer the analysis questions (below). You may use a bulleted list where appropriate.

Identify the most important facts surrounding the case. What is happening, and why is it a problem?

Who are the key individuals (or organizations) in the case?

What is the key issue(s)?

What theories/topics in the course relate to this issue?

What Biblical principles would apply to this situation?

Identify several alternative courses of action. What are some ways to address the key issue?

Which course of action do you recommend and why?

Part II:

In 300-500 words, answer the prompt for the unit using specific references to the case study, readings, and videos.

Unit 1: Part II Prompt: In view of your analysis, what do you see as central problems with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security vis-à-vis criminal justice organizations? How would these problems be overcome? Note: You do not need to limit yourself to impacts on the police

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