The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape


“Thanks to all of your efforts, we have significantly increased our reach, accessibility, and presence on the web,” says Eliza, your CTO.

“But,” she adds, “this also increases the chance that our company will be a target for hackers and online attacks. If we are going to move forward, we need to anticipate those problems before they happen. In particular, we are especially worried about advanced persistent threats (APTs). I’m looking for as many ways to ward these off as possible, so I’m setting up teams to assess how APTs have operated, what they will look like in the near future, and what countermeasures we can implement against them.”

“I want this on my desk in two weeks.”


Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have been thrust into the spotlight due to their advanced tactics, techniques, procedures, and tools. These APTs are resourced unlike other types of cyber threat actors.

Your chief technology officer (CTO) has formed teams to each develop a detailed analysis and presentation of a specific APT, which she will assign to the team.

This is a team assignment, and the team members that were selected by the instructor in the previous assignment will work together. It is up to the team members to decide who is responsible for contributing to the sections of the paper. Remember, if a member fails to complete his or her part of the work, the team is still responsible for all sections.

There is a pdf called APT1 that will be the APT that we will be using for this paper.

Part 1: Threat Landscape Analysis

Provide a detailed analysis of the threat landscape.

What has changed over the past year?

Describe common tactics, techniques, and procedures to include threat actor types.

What are the exploit vectors and vulnerabilities threat actors are predicted to take advantage of?

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