The Concept of Maximum Lifespan


The concept of maximum lifespan is referred to the species-specific biological limit to the length of life (in years). There are a lot of research interests looking at the maximum lifespan of humans. So far, the oldest verified age is 122 years.

Currently, there are many research efforts looking into extending the upper bound of human longevity. however, such an effort raises another issue: Should maximum lifespan be increased as far as possible? Some would argue yes- it would allow more human potential, but others argue that that’s a waste of resources and creates more stress for society. 


– Write a paper (three pages minimum, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font) and list some reasons for why it is useful to increase lifespan, versus reasons for why it might be detrimental.

– Please analyze from at least three different perspectives. At least one must include concepts/notions/theories from our course. (e.g., from a global health perspective, an economical perspective, and a psychological perspective) 

–You can include both personal opinions and references from experts. make sure to CITE your sources.

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