The Case of Bernard Madoff 

This case study will require more research and investment on your part than the written discussion board version of these assignments. Generally speaking, these papers should still utilize the following outline/headers, but be substantially more detailed and invested WHILE FOLLOWING the instruction in the assignment prompt online. 

  1. Identifying Ethical Issues (20pts)
    1. Why is this issue morally relevant? 
    2. How does it relate to any of the Ethical Theories and their theory of value?
  2. Articulating the Facts of the Case & IDing Ethical Stakeholders (20pts)
    1. What are the relevant facts of the case? 
    2. What individuals and groups have an important stake in the outcome?
    3. Are some concerns more important? Why?
  3. Listing Possible Actions & Outcomes (20pts)
    1. If you were an employee in an organization, what are the options for acting, in this case, to ensure that Ponzi Schemes like this one do not happen in the future within your organization?
      1. Give at least 2 proposals that you might submit to the leaders of your organization. 
    2. What might the relevant persons and groups say if consulted?
    3. What creative options can you think of?
  4. Ethically Evaluating Actions (45pts)
    1. Evaluate each option in (3) using at least 4 ethical approaches from the course. Use passages from our ethics readings to support your analysis. 
  5. Making and Providing Moral Justification for your decision (40pts)
    1. Considering all these approaches, which option best addresses the situation? Why? Use passages from our ethics readings to support your moral justifications. 
    2. What ethical considerations are being prioritized over others? Why?
    3. How can my decision be implemented with the greatest care and attention to the concerns of all stakeholders?

Citation and Formating Guidelines

  • This paper should be no shorter than 5 full pages of content and no longer than 7 full pages of content in length. (This does not include reference pages or cover sheets)
  • This paper must be typed, 12 pt. times new roman font, double-spaced, and have 1-inch margins. Papers are formatted according to APA, MLA, or Chicago guidelines.
  • Your Papers should also include at least 3 credible sources from outside of class … 1 of which must be retrieved from a scholarly database such as JSTOR. 
  • Your Paper should include references to and utilize 3 readings from class as well. 
  • These papers are this length, not to make life easy for you, but in order to force you to think carefully about what is essential to an argument and what is not. I will grade these papers with an eye for detail and conceptual rigor. Expect to be challenged.

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