The APRN Malpractice Case Study

Assignment Instructions
The Malpractice Case Study will be based on the APRN malpractice case that you have been assigned from your faculty. You will have this assignment by the end of the first week to facilitate your research on the case.
Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate synthesis of APRN role components and competencies, professional standards of practice, scope of practice and standards of care. Refer to the following Buppert chapters as you critically analyze the malpractice case study. You are not limited to these resources, but these are required readings for Module 2. Should your assigned case involve a physician/PA rather than an APRN, identify that fact and simply state that for the purpose of this assignment an APRN was substituted to facilitate answering the content relevant to the APRN role.
• Buppert, Chapter 7 (Negligence and Malpractice)
o Chapter 7.pptxDownload Chapter 7.pptx
• Buppert, Chapter 8 (Risk Management)
o Chapter 8.pptxDownload Chapter 8.pptx
• Buppert, Chapter 14 (Standards of Care for NP Practice)
o Chapter 14-2.pptxDownload Chapter 14-2.pptx
• Buppert, Chapter 15 (Measuring NP Performance)
o Chapter 15-2.pptxDownload Chapter 15-2.pptx
• Standards of Care for Nurse Practitioner Practice (AANP website) and/or American College of Nurse Midwives website for Nurse Midwifery competencies/standards.
• Guidelines for Determining APRN Scope of Practice (Learning Module 1)
• Scope of Practice Decision-Making Tool (Learning Module 1)
Assignment Structure:
• Students will be assigned a malpractice case by their assigned faculty within the first week of classes.
• Research and analyze the information within the case and utilize required readings in addition to other applicable scholarly references published within the past 5 years.
• Review the grading rubric for this assignment to see how each criterion is weighted. If more points are awarded for certain areas, be sure you adequately cover the content.
• Create a formal APA formatted paper (cover page, reference page, running header (optional), headings/subheadings (should correspond to grading rubric), page numbers, 12 page [excluding cover page and reference page] maximum etc. based on your assignment topic. Upload to the Assignment drop box.
Content: The following criteria must be identified and discussed in the assigned paper:

  1. Include a synopsis or overview of the case facts.
  2. Analyze the facts of the case by identifying what went right and wrong, from both the plaintiff and defendant perspectives.
  3. Identify the four elements of malpractice (Buppert, p. 282) and associate each element with the facts of your case. Also, clearly indicate whether each element is absent or present.
  4. Thoroughly discuss the Standards of Practice from AANPLinks to an external site. or ACNMLinks to an external site. pertinent to the case and indicate whether each was met or violated, including the clinician’s performance (refer to Buppert, Chapter 14). Be sure to use and cite the Standards of Practice obtained from the primary source – AANP (Standard II. Process of Care generally applies) or ACNM (if in the midwifery track).
  5. Discuss at least two strategies that may have reduced risk or avoided malpractice in this particular case.
  6. Share your insight about why you think these strategies were not implemented.
  7. Discuss whether the provider practiced within the professional and individual scope of practice for his/her role in that setting. Substantiate your position with an appropriately cited source(s).
  8. Discuss your analysis of the outcome of the case. Do you agree with the outcome (settlement, jury award, etc.)? Why or why not?
  9. Provide an in-depth reflection on your personal beliefs based on this case that will impact you as you enter APRN practice & include the importance of this assignment to your personal growth as an APRN. (You do not need to cover this portion).
  10. Discuss at least three general recommendations for avoiding negligence and malpractice (refer to Buppert, chapter 8).
  11. Develop a professional paper, free from spelling or grammatical errors, utilizing APA format with citations and references. Headings/subheadings should follow the grading rubric.
  12. A minimum of five professional references should be included, from current primary and professional sources with the past 5 years.

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