Tests of Statistical Significance, ANOVA

Module 7: Before starting your blog assignment, it is always best to review the video lecture and the PowerPoint presentation. Also review the short Jamovi “how to” video and have the Writing Tip Sheet available for reporting your results.

In the previous module, you started working with continuous data from the 2018 General Social Survey. In that module, you were asked to select, describe and write about one numeric variable that was of interest to you. Based on your selection, you know that there only a few numeric variables in the GSS. Namely, age and educational level are the two most often selected continuous (numeric) variables.

This week, using either age or educational level, you will be testing their effects on the three variables that you selected.

This week, run ANOVAs on the three variables or set up three propositions on one of the variables, to obtain three ANOVA results that way. Remember, if you decide to run ANOVAs on all three selected variables, keep your explanatory variable consistent, for example, and test the effects of AGE (or EDUC or TVHRS) across all three variables. If you decide to focus on only one of your three variables, set up three propositions testing the influence of either age, educational level, television hours (or SIBS, family size) on your selected dependent variable.

Rely on the Writing Tips for ANOVAs, when you write-up your results for this week’s blog assignment. Be sure to review the grading rubric for the blog posts, to assure that you are on track for completing your post successfully

Remember, those who post their blog by mid-module, will start with full points when their blog is graded. Others will have lost points for submitting their work later. Requiring that assignments start to post early, is meant to help everyone better manage their time in SOC 232. This will ultimately lead to your better success in class!

Good luck and can’t wait to read your post for this module!

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