Terror Attacks Discussion Questions

Discuss the role of the intelligence community within prosecuting the war on terror as well as the cycle of intelligence. 

Discuss the advent and evolution of the U.S.A. Patriot Act. Also, discuss the constitutionality of the legislation as well as any concerns that have been voiced with the legislation. In discussing the concerns, please be specific as to the constitutional concerns present.

Discuss the vulnerabilities to America’s various areas of critical infrastructure and key resources. Also, discuss what might be done and make recommendations for how to better secure and protect these areas.

Discuss the various organizations slated with the protection of the United States and its interests. Also, provide some detail regarding the role that those organizations specifically play in preventing terror attacks both in the United States and abroad.

Discuss the various concepts learned throughout the course and how those concepts and current efforts may be utilized to enhance efforts to prevent terror attacks against the United States in the future. Also, focus on the concepts that they believe are most integral to securing the nation and specifically how those efforts may improve upon current security measures moving forward. 

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