Technology Used to Predict Earthquakes

Topic: Technology used to predict Earthquakes

  1. Choose THREE scientific papers from PEER-REVIEWED journals. Can use the Citrus College library or Google Scholar. See below Paper 1,2,3 – Using these three papers, present a scientific topic of Geology of your personal interest (Technology used to predict Earthquakes). Topics that would be considered too broad would be “climate change” or “earthquakes”. Your topic should be more specific, like “Predicting earthquakes, new techniques being developed” or “new carbon capture technologies to reverse climate change”
  • Type a TWO page paper (double spaced) following your research outline (see Canvas) – referenced info below. This paper includes a summary of the three papers, your interpretation, your analysis of the results, and observations for future development. You will discuss the research and propose future outlets for this research.

find your three scientific papers with links using Google Scholar

Paper 1: Reference paper. A scientific paper which laid the pavement for future scientific study. May be very old, and will be HIGHLY cited by other papers in this field.

Paper 2: The latest scientific results, this might mean the topic presented in terms of new technological advancements or research. What is the current status of this topic? The newer the paper the better.

Paper 3: Supporting paper. This paper can either support the topic you have chosen, or it could be a paper with an opposing view to Paper 2. Paper 3 will add to the ‘whole’ story, either by supporting evidence, a field observation, or results in contrast to one of the other papers.

How to Read a Scientific Article:

  1. Read the Abstract
  2. Read the Conclusions
  3. Read the Figures (artwork) and captions
  4. Read the Introduction
  5. Skim the Methods and Results
  6. Look for shaky wording (the results are ‘relatively’ positive)
  7. Check for potential better references
  8. Consider the strength of the argument against the direct evidence presented by the results. Are the conclusions wavery? Or are they backed by direct and solid results? END OF TEXT CITATIONS: Use the quotation mark symbol under the paper title in google scholar to copy and paste your reference into your bibliography/works cited


One author: (Smith, 2010)

Two authors (Smith and Gonzalez, 2010)

Three or more authors (Smith et al., 2010)

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