Team Assignment: Strategy for Securing Border Transportation Asset

Develop a six slide PowerPoint presentation outlining a facility security strategy for the following situation:

  • You are the security director for a large US retailer that gets most of its goods by truck from Mexico.
  • Your company is about to complete construction of a new cargo terminal facility at a major highway intersection in a southern state close to the US/Mexican border.
  • It is anticipated that cargo container and truck traffic will increase significantly and company management is concerned about media reports of illegal drug trafficking and undocumented migrants.
  • They are also concerned about the general threat of cargo theft.

Assignment Requirements:

  1. The presentation should consist of no more than six PowerPoint slides with the sixth slide containing your sources and references.
  2. Use bullet points, not lengthy narratives, to outline an overarching security strategy for the targeted asset. Your slides should contain no more than five-six lines each.
  3. Identify the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the targeted asset. Use data from your research to support the most likely threats. Do not just assume what the threats are. What evidence (data) do you have for your risk assessment?
  4. Propose a strategy for securing the targeted asset. This is not a detailed facility security plan but an overarching security strategy. Draw from your readings concerning layers of security, road-based transportation, road-based delivery systems and understanding threats at US borders. The goal is to provide company management with an outline of the practical risks and vulnerabilities of the targeted asset and the most effective, cost-efficient security strategy to mitigate the risks identified.

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