Teaching Requirements in Turkey

This research paper is about the country of Turkey. The teacher’s requirements/instructions are as follows:

Paper must include details about:

Geography and History

•Is there a special place people like to visit?
•Are there any large mountains, deserts, rivers, or lakes?
•Who has lived in the country in the past?
•What is the biggest event in the history of the country?

Government and Economics

•Who runs the country?
•How is the government similar or different from the USA?
•How do people earn money?
•What resources does the country have?


•Are there any famous artists, musicians, or writers from your country?
•Is your country known for any special dances, music, or other art forms?


•How do families live? Think about housing and marriage.
•Where do people worship? Do the religions have special holidays?
•What is school like for students?
•What foods do people like to eat?
•What are popular sports or activities?

In the word processing software, use these standards to format the paper:

Margins are one inch on all sides.

Font size is 12 pt.

Font is Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman.

Lines are double spaced.

Each new paragraph is indented.

There is no extra space between paragraphs.

You must collect a minimum of FOUR sources. Use at least two non-internet sources.

Paper cannot exceed three pages.

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