Task-fit Evaluation

From the task-fit perspective, the project manager explains that the software has helped in monitoring employees tasks and claims for hours worked. He explained that the technology requires the employee to call a toll free number upon arrival to clock in and the system which has been designed to suit that purpose automatically recognizes the location the employee is calling from and the clock in time. Upon work completion the employee again calls the toll free number and enters pre-assigned codes for each task carried out and the system automatically registers the location and time of the call and the reports are immediately available to the appropriate office and can be forwarded for verification purposes.

For employees and clients without cell phones and home phones, a device called the validator which is run by telephony and which is part of the technology package is assigned to each client and installed in their homes. This device generates random 8-digit codes for verification of the location and clock-in/ clock out times of the employees (nurses and aides). According to the claims of the project manager who supervises the running of this technology software, the use of this software has helped to reduce clumsiness.
A further edge to this in terms of task compatibility is that the ‘continulink’ software can be used to reflect the compliance status of each caregiver/nurse, for instance their compliance in terms of their license renewals and updates and their affiliations with other health related institutions like Medicaid, Medicare, professional boards, etc.
Also, the scheduling and client care coordinator state that even though the software has been up to expectations in boosting their job performance and effectiveness, the software has not been able to handle the issues of missed appointments. For instance when an employee clocks in late or clocks out earlier than the stipulated time or when a replacement employee is assigned, then there are usually contradictions and such corrections have to be manually fixed by the scheduling coordinator.
The intake coordinator also identifies a problem with the calculation of the number of hours that the software generates claiming that it is yet to reach accuracy therefore necessitating needing to manually calculate the number of hours worked by the employees in field.
The CEO noted however that the software cannot help locate clients areas which is one feature the project manager also mentioned they expected to see as one of the components of the software and as such they have to use zip code locators to find client cluster areas and new areas.

Notwithstanding the CEO noted that the software has helped in making the organization a proactive one as a whole.

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