Survey: Social Justice in the United States

  1. Is social justice an important topic to you?
    ○ Yes
    ○ No
  2. If yes, why do you care about social justice?

  1. Have you ever engaged in discriminatory behavior toward another individual?
    ○ Yes
    ○ No
  2. If yes, why did you engage in this behavior?

  1. Please rate the follow social justice issues in terms of importance to you by circling the number that corresponds to your answer:

Discrimination based on…

 Very unimportant   Very important
Sexual Orientation12345
Music Preference12345
Ability (Disability)12345

  1. Please rank the following items based on the areas in which you would most like to see national reform (from 1[most important issue] to 5 [least important issue]):
  • Policing                             _____
  • Healthcare Coverage     _____
  • Minimum Wage              _____
  • Gun Rights                       _____
  • Foreign Trade                  _____

  1. Please place an “x” on the following lines to indicate how effective you believe current national, governmental efforts are in addressing discrimination in the U.S. in the following ways:

Discrimination in hiring practices            Bad————————————————–Good

Discrimination in medical services          Bad————————————————–Good

Discrimination in education                     Bad————————————————–Good

Discrimination in income                          Bad————————————————–Good

Discrimination in housing                         Bad————————————————–Good

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