Study Guide for Exam 1

Answer the following questions using your text book :

Question 25 is a Essay question should be a minimum of 175 words and you need a citation. 

Columbian Exchange—-Make sure you understand the exchange of plants, animals and disease between the Old and New World.

  1. Impact of Environmental change on Native American culture prior to 1400.
  2. Importance of the Bering Land Bridge
  3. Impact of climate change during the Archaic period
  4. Importance and types of trade between Aztecs and natives of the Southwest
  5. Why did Europeans want to find a water route to the Far East?
  6. Where did Columbus first land when they reached the New World?
  7. Crops from the New World that impacted Europe
  8. After realizing that there were no quick water route to Asia by sailing West, what did countries hope to gain by exploring the New World?
  9. Main Characteristics of the Quakers, especially their view on war.
  10. How was slavery in the New World different from Slavery in the Old World?
  11. What was the major reason for the drastic decline in population in Hispaniola and other New World regions?
  12. By 1750, the American colonies had grown economically prosperous. How did that impact their relationship with England?
  13. What was the major part of the French economy in the New World?
  14. What was the first permanent European Settlement in the New World.
  15. How did the French relationship with Native Americans differ from other European nations
  16. As a dependence on cash crops like tobacco, rice, and cotton grew, what else was influenced?
  17. What enlightenment ideas had the most influence on the American colonies?
  18. Besides being upset about being taxed without representation, why were colonists upset about the Stamp Act and other British taxes?
  19. What was the most influential tactic used by colonists to protest unfair English policies?
  20. What English Enlightenment thinker had the most impact on the Writing of the Declaration of Independence?
  21. What was the impact of Common Sense on the American perspective?
  22. How did the colonists respond after the England punished the colonists with the Intolerable Acts.
  23. Who did James Oglethorpe want Georgia to be a refuge for?
  24. What two things were initially banned in the Georgia colony?
  25. – Page 11 Bishop Diego de Landa collected and burned ever codex he could find.  Why did he do this? Why did this upset the Native Americans? Was this a dangerous practice.

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