Structured English Immersion Models Not Fully Implemented

A review of the ELL programs of 73 districts and charter schools in fiscal year 2010 found that:
• 63 percent had not fully implemented all SEI model requirements
• 45 percent did not provide 4 hours of English language development
• 38 percent did not provide grammar instruction
• 27 percent did not have qualified ELL teachers
• 25 percent did not group students properly with similar proficiency levels
Successful districts reported that they overcame challenges to implementing the program by monitoring frequently, ensuring teacher qualifications, and training teachers.

ADE monitors about half of the ELL districts annually and sends requests for corrective action plans to districts in noncompliance. Since fiscal year 2008, 74 percent (88 of 119) of ADE-monitored districts received corrective action letters. Of those 88, 67 received a follow-up review and 33 required further corrective action. In order to enforce compliance, the law permits the State Board of Education (Board) to withhold SEI funds. However, ADE has not yet reported noncompliant districts to the Board.
Recommendation—ADE should report noncompliant districts to the Board for possible withholding of SEI funds.

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