Strengthening Resiliency and Managing Response

For this assignment you will draw upon multiple sources of federal guidance on strengthening resiliency and managing response regarding incidents that threaten or affect America’s critical infrastructure.
First, read pp. 2-22 of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council’s (NIAC) report, Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage. How to Strengthen the Capabilities of the Nation. The NIAC was tasked to examine the nation’s ability to respond to and recover from a catastrophic power outage of a magnitude beyond modern experience, exceeding prior events in severity, scale, duration, and consequence. This report offers seven recommendations on how the public and private sectors can collaborate to enhance and integrate critical infrastructure resilience with response and recovery actions to mitigate risks posed by a catastrophic power outage.
After reading the report, you will write an analysis using specifics from the report’s recommendations to accomplish the following:
* Discuss how the recommendations align with or support other federal initiatives or guidance such as those listed below. Discuss why they are unified in stressing the importance of assessing and validating information.
* Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Strategic Risk Management Process
* Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Incident Action Planning Guide
* U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS). NIPP 2013: Partnering for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.
* Summarize the critical infrastructure responsibilities in strengthening resilience and responding to a catastrophic power outage. 
* Identify various critical infrastructure partners within the government and the private sector that would be involved in the mitigation of risk and/or response to the outage. Briefly describe their roles. Be sure to include first responders.
* Describe the types of information sharing among critical infrastructure partners that would be needed in response to the catastrophe.
Your assignment must be at least three pages in length, not including the reference or title pages. You must use at least two academically reliable sources other than the documents listed above to support your analysis. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.

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