Strategy Exercise – PARCC Mathematics

The Middle School uses Illustrative Mathematics curriculum for math courses. The school org chart includes a principal, assistant principal (you), a dean of culture, a school
psychologist, a special education coordinator (shared role with the High School), and a math and ELA coach (shared roles with the High School). The middle school is two years old and because there is not a feeder elementary school, there is no historic data to pull
from for grade 6 (except citywide data that has a 2 year gap as a result of the pandemic).

Please reference the attached Excel spreadsheet:

Prompt: You have just received the Middle School math MAP assessment data. You will compile your findings and create a presentation for a group of teachers, as if you were
facilitating Professional Development. That presentation may be used for multiple purposes during the in-person interview. Use the questions below to help as you process the data.

Where are the strengths? Where are the gaps?
What are the next steps you would take? With who? How?
How will you measure if improvement is happening after your next steps?

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