Strategic Management Case Study

Taking into account our case study discussions from the module, choose two of the following and write a two page summary of your response for each in one document:

1. How does digital technology influence the competitiveness of small and medium sized firms? Does digital technology makes SMEs more competitive or it gives more power to big tech firms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon?

2. Please find information on the organisational design of a company of your choice.

– What kind of structure does the company have?
– How does the design support company’s strategy?

3. Please describe an example of the strategic change of a company of your choice.
– What type of strategic change is your example (adaptation, turnaround, revolution, evolution)?
– Was it successful/unsuccessful? Why?

4. Milton Friedman, the famous Chicago economist, wrote an essay for The New York Times in 1970, where he argued that the social responsibility of businesses is to increase profits.

Please write a short essay that takes a stance on Friedman’s thesis on Corporate social responsibility:
– Yes, the only responsibility of business should be profits
– No, CSR is an important part or what businesses should do

Explain your position why and also think about which perspective on CSR (see Table 5.3 on p.145 in textbook Exploring strategy) is the most appropriate in your opinion.

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