Steps of the Interpretive Journey

The Exegetical Paper: Final Assignment is important for applying what you have learned about hermeneutics to a specific passage. In this final paper you will interpret a particular passage using the method learned in this class and apply to some degree all five steps of the Interpretive Journey. This assignment will provide an opportunity for you to evaluate a particular passage while also comparing your interpretation to those of scholars. This assignment will provide an opportunity to formulate your own thoughts on your passage while also providing a practical application. You will need these skills as you attempt to interpret Scripture and explain it to others.

You will submit a final exegetical paper on a passage of your choosing. The passage you will use should be the same as used for the Exegetical Paper: Passage and Bibliography Assignment. Using the materials from your four Exegetical Paper assignments (and the discussion on principles), you will build an exegetical paper investigating the text you chose. You may find instructions for a basic exegetical paper in Appendix 2 of the textbook Grasping God’s Word, but please use the information below as your primary guide. Submit a .doc or .docx file of your paper and be sure to include the following:
• The exegetical paper should include an outline of the passage under consideration, a clear thesis statement, an introduction, a clear statement of the exegetical problem in the passage, some discussion of context issues (i.e., historical context, literary context, etc.), an exegesis of the passage, an overview of the place of this passage in the story of the Bible, specific and measurable application of the passage to contemporary Christian life, and a conclusion.
o All papers should include an Introduction (with a clear thesis statement) and a Conclusion (with suggestions for further study).
• The paper must be 2,400 words, e.g., 8 pages (Note: Your title page, table of contents, and bibliography are not included as part of your total word count).
• The paper should follow the guidelines of the most recent edition of Turabian and should be double-spaced, use a 10 or 12 point font (Times New Roman), and contain 1-inch margins. You will be graded on style and content.
o For format questions, see the School of Divinity Writing Guide or contact your instructor.
• An exegetical paper should average two (2) to three (3) footnotes per page. Proper citation and use of sources is expected.
• You must include at least seven (7) scholarly sources (Note: Your textbooks do not count toward this total).

o Scholarly sources should be used for this assignment. Be sure to use current materials (within the last seven years).
o Peer-reviewed articles are acceptable as well as scholarly texts and commentaries.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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