Statement of Environmental Values

In 1000-1200 words, write an essay in which you do the following:

  • Explain the idea of “moral standing” and describe whether your view of moral standing is  anthropocentric or zoocentric or biocentric  or ecocentric – and why.
  • Explain which of the moral approaches that we studied is your favorite for addressing environmental issues, and why:  Consquentialism  (e.g. utilitarianism)?  Deontology (e.g. rights-based moral approaches)?  Virtue ethics?
  • What is your view of economics and environmentalism?  Do you think the free market can solve environmental issue (pollution, global warming, etc.)?  Or do you think some collective public policy response is required (and if so, what?)? Or some mix of the two approaches (and if so, what kind of mix)?

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