Staff and Personnel

As stated previously, Joe wants to maintain full control of his operation. Therefore, if anyone is not available to be at work, whether they are on vacation or sick he wants to be able to “fill their shoes” and do the job.

From the days in the truck, Joe has realized he cannot do this all alone. He has since hired several people to help him grow the business. He currently employs an Account Manager, Michael, who oversees the payment and day-to-day finances of the firm. Michael also maintains the inventory of the products and tracks trends in the industry.

Rick joined the firm to prepare the financial statements and to work with the accountants to prepare the tax records. He is the brother of Michael and he manages the returns and defects department. When there is a production error he investigates it. He has an attention for detail and responds to all the FAQ’s for the website.

Dan is the web designer and has handled all the IT problems. He is also in charge of customer relations. When a customer returns a product he reaches out to the customer and makes sure they get a replacement or are satisfied.

Steve is our purchasing agent who retains a relationship with our suppliers and warehouse specialist.

Is there any position that could be eliminated? Is there a position that could be added to the staff? Is there any other information you would request to better answer these questions?

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