Social Order

Analysis and Reflection Essay
Select 2 questions total from 2 different categories to write on. Please write a minimum of 1 page per question (2 questions = 2 essays = 2 pages). Remember to use an appropriate academic essay format including introductions, clearly articulated arguments, transitions, & conclusions. Please number each essay with the appropriate question number. Please cite your sources within the text & provide references at the end of your assignment. Please use ASA style to cite your sources within the text and provide a list of references at the end of your assignment.

Positivism/organic/functionalism: Durkheim – Zeitlin 22; Berberoglu 2

  1. How does Durkheim describe and explain social order and social control in societies characterized by mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity? Why are order and control in organic society different from order and control in mechanical society? Explain.
  2. What is Durkheim’s theory of suicide? How does it express his theory of social structure, social group life and the normative order? Types: egoistic, altruistic, anomic, fatalistic.
  3. What is Durkheim’s theory of deviance, crime, punishment and the moral order of society?
  4. How does Weber explain the rise of “western rational capitalism” in light of his
    theory of ideas and culture in relation to economic and political organization?
  5. What is Weber’s theory of political organization and the three (3) types of political systems? Be sure to discuss bureaucracy and its importance. Types: traditional, legal-rational, charismatic.
  6. Discuss Weber’s theory of stratification (class, status and power)? How does it differ from Marx’s theory of class (alienated labor)?

Understanding the Historical Moment
Which of the 3 social theory paradigms is most helpful in understanding one (1) of the following social historical events and processes? Select the theory and use it to explain and analyze the event/process you select:

  1. The electoral process, positions/debates within and between the two ruling class/bourgeois parties (the Democrats and the Republicans). What explains their positions on domestic policy (I.e. the economic and police/”justice” system)?– What explains their positions on foreign policy (I.e. “terrorism,” war, and borders)?
  1. The ongoing economic and political crisis for working people: poverty & income inequality, unemployment & low wages, debt (including student debt), the realities of today’s electronic-based globalization (I.e. the move to fascism, the police state and surveillance state, etc.) and the developing movement from below (I.e. worker uprisings and resistance in the U.S. and across the globe). Consider the relations among the economy and productive forces, race, gender and social survival and struggle.
    Analysis & Reflection Essay Rubric-2 Essay Rubric

Argument Argument is presented clearly and logically.
Logical points build directly upon the thesis and prior points.

Evidence Each logical point is backed up by more than one example. Evidence is strong and sufficient to advance the argument.
Evidence is used throughout the paper to support each claim and the larger thesis.

Readings Demonstrates solid understanding of the major themes of the course, using readings and lectures to define concepts.
Argument is placed within the broad discussions outlined in the course. All relevant readings are clearly used to support the essay.

Organization Clear organization with a natural flow. Includes an introduction, transition sentences to connect major ideas, and conclusion. There are few or no grammar or spelling errors.
Minimal passive voice. Ideas and evidence are correctly cited. Each separate essay is numbered, clearly addressing
every part of the essay question.

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