Social Media Platforms and Evaluating Digital Marketing Campaigns

II. Social Media Platforms: In this section, examine the social media platforms used by the brand you selected. Discuss how these platforms are used to support the brand’s digital marketing strategy.
A. Identify the social media platforms the brand uses and explain how they align to the brand’s target market.
B. Describe how the brand uses each social media platform. Consider what the brand’s social media posts consist of or look like.
C. Describe how the brand must modify posts in order to accommodate the differing functionalities of social media platforms. In other words, how
does a brand need to change a post between various social media platforms in order to communicate the same message?
III. Evaluating Digital Marketing Campaigns: Before recommending changes to a brand’s digital presence, review and analyze its current state. This analysis will help inform changes and improvements in the new media campaign.
A. Strengths
1. Determine which digital platforms would be most effective for the brand to use. Consider the overall brand, messaging strategy, and
other marketing activities. Be sure to cite examples.
2. Describe what the brand is doing well on digital media. Support your response with examples.
B. Weaknesses
1. Identify a platform that the brand is currently using for marketing and could be improved or utilized more effectively. Support your
response with examples.
2. Determine what the brand could improve on regarding its digital activity. Support your response with examples.
3. Describe how the brand could use research to better focus its digital activity.
Note: The Legal and Ethical Considerations section of Final Project I (section III.B) has been intentionally omitted from this milestone. That section will be addressed when submitting the complete final project in Module Seven.

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