Social Distancing and Personal Isolation

Assignment 6


Corona Virus Exception for this assignment. Your new assignment is to write about how the “social distancing” and personal isolation are affecting your life.  What are you doing that is different from your life before Coronavirus?  How is this situation changing your relationships with people in your life? Be specific in your observations. 

Groups and Organizations, Personal space, Culturally learned personal space, and  Group size and relationships.

Read about Group Size in Chapter 5 on Page 129.   Your assignment is to go to a party, club, family event, public space such as a mall or restaurant and look at the physical layout of the space and watch the interactions people have in the space.  Watch people, make diagrams of where people sit, stand, eat, talk…   What did you see?  Did the patterns you see follow the chart on or around page 129, depending upon what book edition you have.   Was there any deviant behavior?  Now apply what you read in Chapter 7 about deviance and compliance to everyday human behavior.   Turn in your observations.

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