Smart Cities and AI Policy

Submit each question individually through the appropriate TurnItIn portal on Blackboard. Please ensure that you receive a TurnItIn receipt showing that your paper was accepted by the portal.

For each prompt below, please write up to 2 single-spaced pages (including references, approximately ½ page). DO NOT GO OVER 2 PAGES! Please use APA-citations, both in-text and the references. Organization, grammar, and clarity will be considered during marking.

Each question should focus on a central thesis supported with:

  1. Your personal thoughts and opinions on the material
  2. At least 2 references to lecture slides
  3. At least 2 reference syllabus readings + 1 book chapter (Green or Brynjolfsson) reference
  4. At least 1 reference to outside research

Question 1: (Up to 7 points)

There is a lot of misconceptions in the media about artificial intelligence (AI). What is AI and its limitations? Have we reached an inflection point (Week 2 Reading: Brynjolfsson) with technological progress? If yes, how so? If no, why not? How has your conception of AI changed between the start of the course and now?

Question 2: (Up to 7 points)

How can public transportation agencies implement the SAE’s 5-levels of Autonomy with today’s technology? How would this differ from expected technology about 20 years from now? How would these solve today’s mobility problems and what new challenges would arise?

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