SIOP Dilemma Deck

Industrial and Organizational Psychology professionals are required to uphold high standards of ethics. Our field adheres to the American Psychology Association (APA) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct found here: The Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has dedicated a portion of their website to applying the APA code of Conduct to our work as Industrial and Organizational professionals. They have provided several hypothetical situations in which an Industrial and Organizational professional may find him or herself. These can be found in the “Dilemma Deck” on the SIOP website. You can access the Dilemma Deck here:

For this assignment, you will select two scenarios from SIOP’s Dilemma Deck. You will prepare a 2-3 page paper that summarizes the dilemma and provides the answers to these discussion questions for each. For this assignment, answer the following list of questions based on SIOP’s suggested Dilemma Discussion Questions for each Dilemma. You should frame your answers as a narrative. Do not cut and paste these questions and answer them like an essay test.

What is the core ethical dilemma of the passage?

Who are the important parties in the dilemma? What is the desired outcome for each party?

What is the inherent conflict of the dilemma?

What is the obligation of the Industrial and Organizational professional to report this conflict and to whom?

What would be three questions you would ask to get a better understanding of the conflict?

Based on what you know, what is the best outcome for this situation that causes the least amount of harm?

Discuss two ethical principles you would use to guide your actions in this specific situation.

SIOP provides a list of General Ethics Resources, these are good resources to consult and use to support your answers to the questions above.

Assignment details:

our Assignment should be 2-3 page essay (not including the Title and Reference pages) and should include the following elements:

Title Page

Provide your name, title of assignment, course and unit number, and date


A thesis statement providing an overview of your chosen two dilemmas to be discussed.


Clearly explain your first chosen dilemma from the Dilemma Deck and answer all seven items for discussion as listed in the assignment.

Clearly explain your second chosen dilemma from the Dilemma Deck and answer all seven items for discussion as listed in the assignment.

Please answer the questions in order, and use headings for each section, providing evidentiary support for your comments.


Summarize the overall ethical considerations for Industrial and Organizational Psychology professionals, including the APA Code of Conduct as they relate to your two chosen dilemmas.

Reference Page

Sources in the appropriate APA citation format.

Use at least three credible sources (including the APA Code of Ethics and SIOP Dilemma Deck); at least one additional reference must be included to support your work on each dilemma.

Research Tip: Review the Ethics Reference List provided by SIOP.

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