semi-structured Interview Protocol

Assignment guidelines

Develop a semi-structured interview protocol. You are not required to administer the interview protocol. However, you should create a semi-structured interview protocol as if you would conduct interviews using this protocol in the future. The protocol should contain approximately 10 to 12 questions (no fewer than 10 primary questions), and where appropriate, it should include additional probing questions (beyond the primary 10-12 questions) that could be asked following each of the primary questions. This protocol should include the information listed below.

  • Purpose of the interviews: Establish and describe a purpose for conducting the interviews. Describe and appropriately cite relevant background information. In addition, clearly describe the information that the interviews are intended to obtain (e.g., this research examines…), and it should include one to two qualitative research questions that the interviews seek to address. This information provides context for the interview protocol.
  • Interview Procedure: Summarize characteristics of participants and implementation of the interviews. This information also provides context for the interview protocol. Description of the procedure should include the following elements:
    • Describe the characteristics of the people who would be interviewed (e.g., employment position, geographic location, expertise) with this protocol and why this sample would assist with obtaining the needed information to answer the research question(s).
    • Indicate the number of participants who would be interviewed with this protocol and why this sample size is appropriate.
    • Identify how you would obtain contact information for potential participants and how you would contact them.
    • Identify how you would implement the interviews (e.g., face to face, telephone).
    • Identify how long each interview is expected to take.
  • Interview Protocol
    • The protocol should contain a brief introduction that an interviewer would provide to an interviewee before beginning to ask interview questions. This introduction should also include ground rules for the interview. Note that I will assume you would provide an informed consent prior to each interview, so the full informed consent does not need to be described within the introduction an interviewer would give to a participant.
      • The introduction should briefly explain who the interviewer is, purpose of the research, whether anonymity/confidentiality is offered, and the interview process.
    • Question design
      • See the readings for guidance on interview protocol and questions.
      • Divide the protocol questions into sections that label the topic each set of questions addresses.
      • Do not include questions that are: double-barreled, leading, contain double negatives, use technical terms/jargon, are vague, use emotional language, are too long, or that could not be answered by the participant.
    • The protocol should contain a brief conclusion that expresses appreciation and who/how the interviewee may follow-up if they have additional questions or comments (i.e., follow-up procedures).

The interviews should be related to irregular migrants in Europe.

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