Selling and Price Strategies in the Global Marketplace

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 17: Personal Selling and Sales Management and Chapter 18: Pricing for International Markets and Case 3-7: Gillette: The 11-Cent Razor, India, and Reverse Innovation in the textbook.
As indicated in your textbook, the price of a product or service can be the key to success or failure. In an initial post of at least 300 words, you will
Contrast razor consumers in the United States with razor consumers in India.
Explain the differences in Gillette’s product development process for the Gillette Guard from previous product development processes.
Evaluate whether the Gillette Guard should be released in the United States.
Assess if the Gillette Guard should be marketed in low-income countries other than India. Describe how this reflects Gillette’s selling and pricing strategy in the global marketplace.
Your initial post must be supported by the textbook and organized using APA Style headings and in-text citations.

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