Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

N402 DISC Personality Assignment and Discussion Instructions
Instructions /Assignment Overview
This assignment will engage the learner to gain a better understanding of your personality and sense of self that supports your internal and external communication styles. This knowledge and understanding will enhance communication both personal and professional. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence provide a foundation to develop stronger intra/interprofessional relationships.
For this assignment you will complete a DISC personality test. Once completed you will review and evaluate your results, then answer the questions below. All responses should be in APA format and include references from your readings for the week or other resources. Minimum 250 words.
Once completed follow the discussion post and response instructions found in Week 2 Discussion. Be sure to attach your profile graph and DISC explanation completed below in a word document to the discussion for this week. Copy and paste your responses to the questions to Week 2 Discussion. For this assignment you will be responding to all your peers discussion posts.
Submit entire assignment with a title page that includes your name, date, course and instructor to the DISC Profile assignment drop box. .

Complete the free DISC personality profile available at
When you enter the site please click the “click here to start free disc test” button.

Enter the requested information: use an accurate email to get free results
Take the test by answering questions as honestly as possible.
When finished click to have free Disc Style report. Download the free report and save as PDF to your Computer.
Review you DISC profile results.
Review :Understanding the Disc word document in D2L and evaluate your DISC results.

Open a new word document and take a screen shot of the graph and explanation from your DISC profile and attach to the new word document. See example below.

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