Select Readings Arguments and Grounds

Arguments & Grounds

Reading: Teaching to Transgress excerpt (PDF)

  1. What does the author want the reader to believe?
  2. Why does the author feel it is important for the reader to believe this?
  3. How does this thesis require the reader to change or modify existing beliefs?
  4. Is the thesis aimed at refuting other specific views? Which ones?
  5. What reasons does the author give for believing their argument?
  6. What evidence (science, statistics, etc.) was used to support the argument?
  7. Were anecdotes used to support the argument? Were they meant to evoke a certain emotional response?


Reading: “A feminist teacher’s account of her attempts to achieve the goals of feminist pedagogy” (PDF)

  1. Who is the author? (at least one fact beyond their name)
  2. What has affected their viewpoint? (i.e. specific training, upbringing, experiences)
  3. What was going on at the time the text was written? What effect did that have on the text?
  4. What context is mentioned that helps you relate to the ideas?
  5. What context is not disclosed that might lose the current reader? (i.e. What do we need to know that we’re not told by the author?)
  6. What specific information should a student be looking up to get the context of the article?

Critical Vocabulary

Reading: “Chosen Families” (PDF)

  1. What keys terms did the author emphasize?
  2. Which of these key terms would the desired audience be unlikely to know?
  3. What terms were used differently than how you would use them in everyday speech?
  4. Were there specialized terms specific to one discipline?
  5. Was the piece translated from another language into English?

Desired Audience

Reading: Rage Becomes Her excerpt (PDF)

  1. Who did the author write the text for? (give at least one piece of evidence from the text)
  2. When and in what situations did the author expect to impact the audience?
  3. Did the author expect or desire you as an audience member? (give at least one piece of evidence from the text)

Desired Impact

Reading: “From Pain Comes Strength: Families, Ballroom, and Resistance” (Online Reading Links)

  1. How does the author want the audience to change their lives?
  2. How quickly does the author want this change to happen? (give at least one piece of evidence from the text)
  3. Is the impact meant to be short-term, long-term, or both? (give at least one piece of evidence from the text)
  4. Could the impact be the opposite or different from what the author wanted? How so?

Basis of Resistance

Reading: “Want to Be a Feminist Parent: Four Goals to Consider” (Online Reading Links)

  1. What parts of the piece do not match your own experience?
  2. What prevents you from being impacted?
  3. Why might a person not want to be impacted by this text?

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