Riverbend City: Communicating and Leading for Change and Innovation

Please complete just a PowerPoint presentation, video creation is not needed.
Based on the communications that you have received from your team depicted in the Riverbend City: Communicating and Leading for Change and Innovation scenario, it is clear that your team is resisting the changes being proposed. Your examination of the communication surrounding your team members’ feelings about the changes have left you concerned. Of particular concern have been the communications of Matthew Chu, who has sent group emails with disrespectful comments and memes about the governor. You have resolved to reset the team members’ attitudes so they clearly understand your approach to the changes and how communications among them need to reflect it.

After analyzing the situation, your plan is to briefly introduce items for your team to consider before the meeting, via a 4–5 minute video. Your goals for this video are to:

Communicate your decision on how you plan to address the governor’s actions and plans.
Explain three critical communication issues and challenges faced by the team, including communication issues to date.
Describe an action or policy that you will introduce to improve communications and assure people are working with a unified purpose.
Define your expectations for ethical discourse in team communications.
Record and submit a 4–5 minute video message using Kaltura that will be posted for all team members in which you address each aspect of the scenario.

Presentation Guidelines
Be sure your video meets the following requirements:

Length: Approximately 4–5 minutes.
Quality: Audio and visual quality should approximate that of a properly functioning video conference.
Visuals (if used): Create visuals that are easily read and interpreted. Use colors, fonts, formatting, and other design principles that make the information clear and generally add to the aesthetic of the presentation.
Presentation: Although this is not performance art, you will be judged on the communication skills that you have studied in this course including your consideration of audience and content.
Content: Address all items defined in the scenario.

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