Retail Banking: Assignment Two

Answer both parts:
Part A:
Outline the main risks faced by banks involved in retail lending activities and critically evaluate ways in which their exposure to these risks can be minimised. (60 marks) and
Part B:
Relationship lending benefits both the bank and the customer. Discuss this statement. (40 marks)

Explain and illustrate your answer in no more than 2,500 words. This limit includes tables and captions but excludes footnotes, endnotes, tables of figures and references. Answers that exceed this limit will result in a loss of marks. Full details of penalties for late submission, exceeding the word limit and other information can be found at the end of this assignment.

Your assignment should be submitted via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to The Centre for Financial and Management Studies no later than 21st June 2022. Full instructions are available on the VLE

Student Assignment Guidelines

This assignment is based on Units 5 and 7 of your learning materials. For Part A you should outline and discuss the risks faced by banks in the lending process. In addition, you must evaluate the risk management process that banks to reduce these risks. Relevant examples can be used to support and develop your answers. A critical
evaluation of the issues raised in the question is needed rather than a descriptive overview.

For Part B you should identify what is meant by relationship banking and outline the benefits that this process can bring to all parties in the short, medium and longer term.
In addition, any potential issues should also be reviewed.
Your assignment must be properly referenced. Further information on referencing (ie the Harvard system) is available in Studying at a Distance by Talbot on the Virtual Learning Environment.

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