Research Scholarly Communication Assignment

Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of and your ability to implement step three of the Evidence-Informed Decision Making Process (Appraise). You will demonstrate your ability to meet the information and research literacy competency: “is able to assess the credibility and integrity of research evidence”.


Select ONE of the assigned articles posted to Blackboard- either the quantitative study or the qualitative study


  1. Review the relevant content that was covered on either the qualitative or quantitative research process and the accompanying in class assignments

  2. Work through the appropriate appraisal worksheet –qualitative or quantitative (available in Blackboard-use the ones we used in class assignments listed under the assignment description and articles). Use this worksheet to guide the writing of your scholarly appraisal paper.

  3. Summarize the information collected in the appraisal worksheet in a brief, scholarly, APA-style paper of a maximum five to six pages for body of paper)—excluding the title page, reference list, and headings.

Key objectives- in this paper you will:

  • demonstrate your ability to critically and efficiently appraise the research source AND
  • provide a well-supported answer (rationale included) to the appraisal question:
    • “Was there sufficient credibility and integrity in this study that I can trust or be confident in the findings?” Why/why not?
  • Based on your answer to the above, the also answer the following:
    • Would you consider adapting the findings into practice or education assuming you worked in that setting? Why/Why not?

The paper should be submitted as a WORD file (not Pages or pdf) and is to include the following:

  • Title page (APA-Standard title page format with a strong/unique title [see APA 2.01] that reflects your appraisal conclusions [i.e. not the name of the assignment]) 
  • APA style paper (NO abstract required for a paper this short)
    • Introduction – state the purpose of the paper (the question above), reference to the paper you are reviewing. a BRIEF introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement (a sentence with main point or position you are taking) and a sentence or two to support the position or thesis statement (main appraisal findings that led to that statement)

    • Analysis section – Each of the sections should include a strong thesis statement for each section supported by evidence collected in the worksheet such as major strengths or limitations (using well developed paragraphs and APA conventions for grammar and spelling):
      • Credibility – major strengths and limitations to determine if credible author/source overall.
      • Integrity
        • Methods – consider each of the sections of the methods appraisal (e.g. purpose/sample/data collection/rigor).  Look at the overall picture on your worksheet and cite the major strengths and weaknesses. You may not need to address some of the subsections if not relevant to your findings but should be comprehensive of relevant issues and insightful.
        • Results– consider the strengths and weaknesses of analysis, results, interpretation, contributions, meaningful coherence and conclusions. Again, look at the overall picture, citing the main findings of relevance and insights.
        • Contributions and coherence – strengths and limitations.

    • Your conclusion
      • Includes a clear answer to the two appraisal questions above. The answers should be well developed, supported with rationale and safe/low risk to implement.

    • References
      • include a reference page with one rquired entry: the paper you have appraised
      • include more references only if you used someone else’s information to support your appraisal or argument vs your own opinion based on course content

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