Research Process

Progress Reports
I: Complete the following reading Technical Writing (TW), Ch. 6
II: Introduction
Beginning in Week 7, you gathered information for the Field-Specific Report that you will submit
in Week 15. At the end of Mar., you submitted the first draft of the upcoming report and received
a grade on that; the final draft of the report is a revision of that work, and calls for a longer, more
detailed explanation of your report topic.
The final draft of the report is due on Apr. This discussion asks you to
reflect on the process of writing the report.
IV: Write a discussion where you address all of the following:

  1. In a discussion of 300 words total, and using numbers 1.2 through 1.4 to create
    headings, address each of the following:
    1.1: The title and/or topic of your report.
    1.2: The progress you have made so far; be specific!
    1.3: Work remaining; be specific!
    1.4: Problems you have encountered in doing research for the report.
  2. Write a total of two – three questions that you have about the reading; these could be topics
    that you want to better understand, or information that might be interesting to your classmates.

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