Research Issue in Training Programs

Consider the topic paper previously submitted identifying the need/problem for the training and focus research on solving the problem.

The paper will include:

  •  A title page
  • 4-6 double-spaced pages exploring the topic chosen and areas to be covered in training program.  The introductory paragraph(s) should introduce the topic and provide a brief background as to the need for the topic in training.  The body of the paper should include critical information and sub topics that could be appropriate for training purposes.  Last, the paper should include a closing paragraph.  Information from sources will be extensively quoted in the research paper and correct MLA or APA in-text citations should be used.
  • A correct MLA work cited or APA page of sources consulted. The work cited page will include at least 3 sources taken from books, journal articles, online sources, etc., as well as any video or audiotapes you intend to be use in the training program.

Reminder – I would suggest that you try to locate an actual training program to use as a source as well.  For example, there are many companies that provide samples or agendas of their training programs online.  Feel free to use those as samples and to generate ideas.  Do not copy them directly for your training program!  Here are some examples:

National Seminars –; click on any state to see a list of training offerings; click on “more information” to see the course objectives and topics covered; click on “workshop agenda” to get full details of what is covered in the class.

Skill; click on any item under the “View Our Seminars” area; you will be able to view the course description and agenda.  For fun – check out the Human Resources offerings.

Center for Creative; click on “Find a Program” under the “programs” tab; click on any of the core programs and view descriptions and agendas.

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