Requirements for Informed Consent for Treatment

Ethics Committee Group 1 – Ch 3 Medical Error: Paradise Hills Medical Center Case Study from The Tracks We Leave: Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Health Care, 3rd. ed.

Questions that needs to be answer

Discuss requirements for Informed consent for treatment. Assume one of the 22 patients has Limited English Proficiency (LEP) How would this impact informed consent?

Each question should relate to the impact of the proposed recommendation. The group should make it clear how each question relates to one of the categories listed below.
Hospital (Organization)
For example, if the ethics committee group was discussing a bone marrow transplant case and proposed to proceed with a bone marrow transplant for a patient who is uninsured. The following questions might be asked.

Legal – What are the bone marrow transplant coverage requirements for health insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, under federal and state law? If the patient could get health insurance, would bone marrow transplant coverage be required?
Financial – What options could be available for the hospital to cover the costs of the transplant for the patient who is a self-pay patient?
Hospital – What resources, including trained staff, does the hospital need to perform a bone marrow transplant and does it have the resources?
Reputation – How often are bone marrow transplants needed? How likely is it that others in the community will need and request a bone marrow transplant?

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