Reflective Essay on Adult Learning

For the Reflective Essay you will submit an essay, five pages maximum (does NOT include title page or references; no abstract required) in APA format.
The essay should address the following but do NOT answer each portion in short-answer format; instead, unify these tasks into a single, well written essay:

  1. Select two or more adult learning theories/concepts and BRIEFLY discuss beliefs and ideas about how learning occurs in adulthood. Factor in aging and intelligence related to adult learning as applicable. Reference relevant theorists, research, and professional literature. (Course objectives 2 and 4, use your Learning Theories paper to assist)
  2. Select two or more adult developmental theories and BRIEFLY discuss physiological development, psychological stages, and/or sociological assumptions. Reference relevant theorists, research, and professional literature. (Course objectives 1 and 2, use your Adult Development paper to assist)
  3. Synthesize (blend together) ideas about adult learning and development related to your responses in 1 and 2 above. Provide sufficient detail to thoroughly describe how both adult learning and developmental theories contribute to an understanding of the adult learner. Also explain why such an understanding is important. You may address the adult life cycle, lifelong learning, environmental influences, and/or other ideas you find important. Reference relevant professional literature. (Course objectives 3 and 6)
  4. To summarize your essay, apply your personal understanding and experience to thoroughly describe the adult learner. Include, as needed, the developmental, psychological, and/or contextual factors that might influence the adult learner. (Course objective 5)
    When you submit your paper, Canvas will use TURNITIN to check originality. In addition, also submit your paper in Live text. Your instructor will ensure that you have less than 15% on the TURNITIN originality report. If you do not have less than 15%, your instructor will advise you to rewrite the paper.

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