Rap as a Genre of Music

  1. Students will choose a particular themed rap song that revolves around real life issues of the culture, people, or community referenced (Ex. F*** The Police “The narrative highlights the ongoing tensions between African American urban youth and law enforcement.”).
  2. They will do a little research around the issue addressed (drugs, policing, politics, etc.).
  3. Students will write a paper addressing several questions (Write out and answer each component in a paragraph of at least 5-8 sentences. Each letter is considered a component regardless of the number of actual questions):
    A. Who addressed the issue? Explain who they are, why they formed ect.
    B. Why was it so important to the rapper(s)?
    C. Was it a local, community, or societal based issue?
    D. Do you believe the issue has a racialized or ethnic tone?
    E. Would you support or not support this issue? Why?
    *Make sure you use standard MLA citations when necessary.

Extra Credit: (for up to ten points) Answer the following two questions (one 8-10 sentence paragraph for each). Write them out and then answer (Each number is considered one question).

  1. Why did you choose the song? In other words, why is it significant to you?
  2. What would you consider the importance, relevance, purpose of the song for African Americans today? You can even state it has no important, relevance, purpose for the African American community. You must explain either way.
    *Extra credit must come immediately after the original answer with Extra Credit written before you answer the questions. Anyone who sends extra credit later, or in a different email attachment will get no credit for it.

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