Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Papers

You will complete two analysis papers. One of these papers will be a quantitative research analysis and one will be a qualitative research analysis. Each assignment that you will complete will be a 3-4 page (double-spaced) analysis of a research article (quantitative/qualitative). For the first analysis paper, you will search the library database and select a quantitative research article of your choice published during 2006 or later. For the second analysis paper, you will search the library database and select a qualitative research article of your choice published during 2006 or later. See the course schedule for due dates for these papers.

Format & Content for Analysis Papers:

After critically reading the article, address the following questions in paragraph form. When you submit, include your written paper, AND attach the pdf of the article. You will not number the questions —they are designed to guide your thinking.

1) Provide a brief summary of the research. What is the research topic?

2) What is the researcher’s purpose/rationale for conducting the study? Is it guided by a theoretical approach?

3) What is the research question and hypothesis OR the idea being explored?

4) What are the constructs being studied? How is each being measured? Be specific according to the research methods/design used. If there is information about reliability and validity of measures or data collection techniques, discuss here.

5) Are there any statistics reported? If yes, what do they mean? If not, how are conclusions being drawn?

6) Include a reference page including the references you used, including the course textbook if you cited it.

7) Evaluation – Evaluate the study. What were (at least two) strengths or limitations to the researcher’s method or conclusions?

Review the rubric for these assignments by going to the Assignments tab in Canvas and clicking on the title of these analysis papers. Use the APA Helpful Guides posted in Canvas to assist you in writing your analysis papers. Please proofread your writing before submitting your assignments. If a blank document is submitted as your submission, you will receive 0 points. It is your responsibility to check that your completed assignment submission goes through by the due date listed in the course schedule and to notify me via email the same day if the submission does not go through or if it appears blank. If you email me the day after the due date, your assignment will be considered late, and because late work is not accepted, you will receive 0 points.

Some suggestions:

  • There is no need to use direct quotes. Use your own words, giving credit for ideas that are not your own.
  • In summarizing your study, stick to the MOST important points of the paper. For ideas about what is most important, see the abstract at the beginning of the paper or consult your text.
  • Use APA style; Be succinct and CLEAR. Avoid informal or “flowery” language. Consult your APA text for important reminders about writing style.
  • Proofread and revise your paper.
  • See me if you are having difficulty with your paper or in understanding the study.
  • See course schedule for due dates for these papers.


Your assignment submission will be reviewed for plagiarism using Turnitin. You do NOT need to create an account on Turnitin.com.

Once you submit your assignment via assignments in Canvas, Turnitin will review it for matches to sources in Turnitin’s comprehensive database of internet, student papers, and academic journal content. You will receive a similarity report  (Links to an external site.)with a similarity score (Links to an external site.).

Your submission similarity report  (Links to an external site.)should have a similarity score (Links to an external site.) of LESS THAN 30%

In the case that your submission similarity report shows a similarity score of higher than 30%, you can self-correct any issues and resubmit it multiple times BEFORE the deadline.

You are allowed three re-submission attempts where the Similarity Report will generate immediately. After three attempts, you will have to wait 24 hours before a new Similarity Report can be generated.

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